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Be Active Sessions

Fun and engaging sessions for students with learning disabilities and difficulties.

We are currently working with Coleg Ceredigion to deliver fun, engaging and educational activities for their Camu Mlaen & Vocational Access students. We aim to improve the health & well-being of the students by providing regular physical activities. This programme is supported by Ceredigion Actif.

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BMO Coaching

Rising Starz

A Weekly Multi-Sports Session for children of all abilities looking to try fun & exciting sports!

Activities include Dodgeball, Cricket, Capture the Flag, Tag Games, Sports Circuits, Street Golf, Tag Rugby, Football, Handball, PLUS MUCH MORE! We are qualified in over 10 sports, so you would be mad not to try this out! Our Rising Starz’ sessions run on Friday’s during term time. Delivered by Coach Bryn & Coach Sarah. Click the button below to book a space!
Friday’s – Bow Street FC 3G (4:00 – 5:00pm)

Bring: shin pads, trainers, drink, football kit/Sports kit are all required for these sessions.

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BMO Coaching

Womens Football Fitness

Fun football fitness sessions for women & girls aged 12+!

This is session is perfect to keep you fit, make new friends and have fun! Coach Sarah is there to give you a warm welcome for these sessions. You don’t need any previous experience of playing football or working out and there’s no compulsory block booking – you can pay as you play or to save time you can book the full block online! We even have a family discount when you bring your daughter / niece / sister etc along!

Womens Football Fitness is currently being delivered at Bow Street FC 3G pitch on Monday’s 5:30 – 6:30pm during Autumn. £4 per session.

Keep an eye out for social media updates regarding this session.

BMO Coaching

Diabetes Awareness

BMO Coaching owner Bryn McGilligan Oliver is a Type 1 Diabetic. He was diagnosed at the age of 7 in 2001. Sport has been the main focus in his life ever since he was diagnosed. A lot has changed since that time, having originally been told he wouldn’t be able to play sport competitively because of his condition, we now have technology and a better understanding of Diabetes that allows him and many others to live a more controlled life. Bryn still plays competitive sport to this day. Unfortunately, there is still a big stigma around the condition and that’s because of the education and information out there. One of the main reasons why Bryn founded BMO Coaching was to help people realise their potential through the power of sport (Diabetic and non-diabetic) and to provide further opportunities to the local community.

‘I believe sport and exercise should be at the forefront of our education system. It can completely change someone’s life around, whether they have a medical condition or not. The health & well-being of pupils / students whilst they are in the education system (4-21+) is of paramount importance. During that time, we will see these pupils / students most weekdays, so what better time to educate them.’

Bryn has recently joined the UK Diabetes Futsal Squad through The Diabetes Football Community. A charity focused on providing peer lead support through the world of football.

‘Since joining the squad I haven’t looked back. It is one of the most inspiring and positive groups I have ever been involved with. Everyone there is a Type 1 Diabetic. We have players training / joining the group from Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland. There are also players there that play professionally in the football league. I want to inspire local youngsters the same way I was inspired by this group. Anyone can achieve their goals with the right support and mindset. This is what we aspire to do through BMO Coaching’

We have some exciting news coming soon! Keep an eye out!

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